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7 key benefits of SEO

Date posted: 18 February 2015   |   Posted in: Blog

The benefits of SEO to your business are many and varied…first though, let’s look at the reasons you have a website in the first place so we can put those benefits into perspective.

I think in this day and age I don’t know of any companies who have a website for the sake of it. Most business owners realise that a website and The Internet in general has a lot to offer, so why do you have a website? It’s likely to be one or more of the following…

  • As an ‘online business card’ so prospects can get in touch?
  • To sell products and services online?
  • To help existing customer support?
  • To build your brand, trust and credibility online?

I think essentially these four, and any other reasons you can think of, all equate to making money…or more specifically more profit.

In which case read on…

1) SEO is an investment not a cost

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Source: BusinessZone


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