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Cooking Up Leads: 3 Ingredients Of An Award-Winning Recipe

Date posted: 29 May 2015   |   Posted in: Blog

The Oracle Marketing Cloud content team took home top honors at the Digiday Content Marketing Awards celebrated last night in New York City. We’re excited about the win as we worked incredibly hard to produce a compelling asset that would excite our audience and drive results. A tasty demand dish shouldn’t be kept secret, so we’d like to share 3 core ingredients in our modern marketing recipe for success:

  1. Establish a compelling core offering – We produced an eBook called “The Demand Gen Pro’s Cookbook” to put a fun spin on the traditional case study format. This offer compiles modern marketing “recipes for success” around display ad retargeting, customer lifecycle management, database hygiene, marketing and sales alignment, campaign metrics, lead nurturing and social media.  We targeted this asset specifically at matters central to the demand gen role.

  1. Maximize your multichannel efforts – In the spirit of “go big or go home” our content, social, and demand teams collaboratively developed and executed this campaign across multiple channels. The eBook theme was carried out across email, social media, blog, and other advertising channels. Various teams met weekly to share channel metrics and develop new engagement goals to enhance the value of the program. Promoting the asset in various ways proved to be valuable for branding, engagement, and driving marketing qualified leads MQLs.

Email Design:

Landing page:

  1. Make your customers program advocates – Because the eBook content centered on our customer’s stories, it was important we thanked them for their participation and allowing us to share their successes. We worked with our design partner Beutler Ink to develop caricatures of our “Demand Gen Master Chefs” that could be used in the eBook and shared with each person for use as their social media avatars. This helped create additional buzz and provided fodder for social media advertising. We also sent framed hard copies of the caricatures signed by our own VP of Marketing as a special thank you touch.

Results Were Served
“Cook Up Leads” produced 752 form submits with 360 from the email send.  We had 163 social submits from blog (121 form submits) and organic social posts (41 form submits).  Since this program launched in May of 2014, we have tracked 153 Marketing Qualified leads from the email send and 166 marketing qualified leads from social media. The icing on the cake was our team’s Digiday Content Marketing Awards win!

Thank you to Digiday for recognizing our team’s work as the most outstanding branded email campaign to promote a brand, product or service to consumers or an audience.

Check out the Demand Gen Pro’s Cookbook here!

What kind of stuff does your team want to strut? Share your modern marketing takeaways from a recent campaign!

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