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How can businesses embrace flexible working? | | Best Price Email Software
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How can businesses embrace flexible working?

Date posted: 4 March 2015   |   Posted in: Blog

Under new employment legislation workers have the right to request more flexibility in the way they work, which could increase the amount of people spending days working from home.

Working from home has already become commonplace for many of us, due to already having the tools and capabilities required to do your job – usually no more than a laptop and a phone – at home.

Small to medium sized businesses could reap the benefits of granting workers more flexibility, with employees being more motivated, committed and generally happier being citied among the possible benefits.

But at the same time if you run a business this could be a concern, as you may be sceptical about the levels of productivity you would get from your workers if they are given such flexibility.

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Source: BusinessZone


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