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14 Ways to Promote Your new Business Start-up Online

Date posted: 21 March 2015   |   Posted in: Blog, Business Advice Articles

You started your new start-up company. Or perhaps you recently launched a new product or service, or are offering a great promotion regarding an offer. Maybe you hired a new employee, created a website for your business or moved to a new building. They’re all opportunities to make great news indeed! So spread the word, and get your story out there with an online news release!

Then put your name where customers look—search engines. They can get your name to the very top of a Google page so potential customers find you faster and better. No matter what industry you’re in, or how many employees you have, your business makes news and update regularly. Again, they have a broader reach than email marketing and they reach people way beyond your email list, like prospects, journalists and bloggers. And you can convert news into an online asset that in turn helps you to increase brand awareness, attract more customers and win more business. There lies the success of promoting your new business online.

Here’s 14 ways you can showcase your business products and services online:

1: Share an inspirational story.

For inspiration for your next release, look no further then, as story telling is nothing but an art. Readers love to hear about people going the extra mile, overcoming adversity, and becoming successful–and the publicity can generate even more success.

2: Tell everyone about your latest accomplishment or award

The next time you win an award or have a major breakthrough – let the world know about it. An online news release can take the story beyond your industry in all sorts of ways and connect you with all sorts of people, including journalists looking for a story and customers looking for a well-reviewed, credible product or service.

3: Offer useful, free educational resources.

Educate the public about your latest initiative, event, product or service. No one likes to be lectured, but you can present helpful, useful information by telling a story. This sort of news can build your credibility with readers and provides a relevant resource with quality content they might share.

4: Debunk a myth.

There are tons of myths that relate to your industry, and an online news release is a great platform to debunk them. It’s the kind of “told-you-so” link that people love to send to their friends with fun debunking elements in it.

5: Your recent event was a hit.

You’re organizing an event – that’s a neat story. But why only get one news release out of it? Recapping its success once you’re all done gives you a brand new story angle for no extra legwork. Who attended? Which speak­ers stood out? What was the highlight?

6: You’re “going green.”

Even if you’re not in the environmental industry, you can still win customers with a ‘green’ elements inherent it. People like it when businesses help the environment. They search online for green products too – so get your eco-news out there. Sometimes the corporate social responsibity (CSR) comes under this criteria too.

7: Announce a charitable contribution.

A news release about your latest charitable contribution can help generate awareness and credibility for the cause you believe in. But it can really help you drive business, too. It can win you positive media coverage and con­nect your business with the many consumers that believe in your cause.

8: Broadcast your upcoming event.

There are lots of events every year and for every type of company, organization and industry. There are also tons of people searching the Web for events, shows, conferences, seminars etc. The competition is fierce but the rewards are well worth it, so complement your existing publicity with a news release.

10: Recap a successful podcast.

In podcasting, the battle for a consistent listening audience is tough. Summarizing and promoting a successful podcast online helps you turn up the volume. A news release can help brand your podcasts, get the word out to a broader audience and win you more listeners, which in turn generate leads for the next time.

11: Hook your story to a technology trend.

An announcement can be shared on YouTube or Twitter. Tech is one of the most talked-about industries today, and you don’t need to have a high-tech product to get in on the ac­tion.

12: Share new market research, surveys, feedbacks or polls.

Everyone loves stats and surveys, particularly journalists who find ready-made stories on different events. Readers also love sharing them in a big way, via links, tweets, Facebook and just about every other communication channel.

13: Promote your event or team sponsorship

A great way to reach local customers is to sponsor a local team or event, and then publish a news release promoting your involvement. It adds great publicity for you – especially when it con­nects you to customers, journalists and stakeholders. Use a business directory for example.

14: Provide helpful tips.

Publishing a few helpful tips can turn a search engine user into a potential customer, so get your industry knowledge out there. If you sell computers, publish a list of key­board shortcuts or a guide on how to avoid online scams. You have the tips and people are out there searching for them searching on internet. Get publishing and get connected. Short and simple, but useful tips results in more sales.

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