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How Unruly became one the fastest growing tech companies in the UK

Date posted: 7 May 2015   |   Posted in: Blog

Unruly grew from a three person, Shoreditch-based startup to an international company with 200 staff by building a huge data set around the virality of videos. Sarah Wood shares her growth story with Chris Goodfellow.

Sarah Wood, Matt Cooke and Scott Button launched Unruly in 2006 when the internet was beginning to evolve from the information superhighway to today’s social web. That meant a rapid increase in the self-publishing and the founders believed video was set to play a crucial role.

“We were enormously excited by the potential of video,” remembers Wood. “It was very early days and the bandwidth speeds meant penetration was low, but where video was being uploaded it was having a huge impact.”

At that point, Twitter had only just launched and Facebook wasn’t at critical mass; the social buzz was in the blogosphere and the business was built around a blog scanning engine, which produced one of the earliest viral video charts.

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Source: BusinessZone


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