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Mind The Marketing Gaps In the Customer Journey [SlideShare]

Date posted: 5 February 2015   |   Posted in: Blog

Many marketers believe they fully understand the potency of the customer’s journey — but the findings of the third annual Cross-Channel Marketing Report would suggest otherwise. There is still a huge knowledge gap when it comes to understanding the customer journey. That’s the finding of Oracle Marketing Cloud’s third annual report into cross-channel marketing. We take a look at some of the critical facts and figures of the report and offer key insights into how to create a joined-up cross-channel marketing strategy. Want to know where the holes in your sales funnel are, how they got there and how to plug them? Read on, and check out the SlideShare: Mind The Marketing Gaps

Discover how to make your marketing strategy deliver on every front with tips from the Modern Marketing Essentials Guide to Cross Channel Marketing.

Source: Modern Marketing


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