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Selling and generating more revenue for your business

Date posted: 8 May 2015   |   Posted in: Blog

 Hi all, 

I would like to ask to a few questions which have had common responses by numerous entrepreneurs when I bring them up.

1, In any industry there is always steep competition. Do you find it difficult to consistently sell effectively and generate good revenue?

2, When you receive a lead of interest towards your business, do you feel 100% confident that you can ask effective questions to increase the liklihood of obtaining a new customer?

3, Do you find sales training is any of the following:

A, too expensive, 

B, hard to relate to your business

C, teaches you What to do not “how” to do it? 

D, You read a book or attend a training class, become filled with motivation and enthusiasm and see a slight increase in sales however after a few weeks/months this declines/ your no longer as successful?

E, Good sales training is very expensive and therefore a risk because it may not work?

Any answers here will be of massive help and I appreciate the time spent doing so.

Many Thanks 

Nick @ WYM






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