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Why Sajid Javid is the small business champion

Date posted: 29 May 2015   |   Posted in: Blog

The Government has promised to cut at least £10bn of red tape over the next five years in order to boost British business’s ability to grow both at home and overseas. As part of a major new commitment, Business Secretary Sajid Javid wants to help small businesses, branding them the “engine room” of British industry, vowing to get “heavy handed” regulators off their backs. Javid was appointed Business Secretary a week ago, and personally I cannot think of anyone better in government to spearhead the support of SMEs in the UK. In his own right, Sajid is a very clear-headed businessman with an outstanding private sector CV. The proposed Enterprise Bill will have targets and dates attached, to combat red tape and issues around late payments to small businesses from larger organisations etc. These targets and deadlines will leave no room for empty promises, and I’m sure Mr Javid will deliver. Outside of rhetoric and emotion the UK is far too entwined in the EU to leave. It would not help business in general if we were to leave.

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Source: BusinessZone


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