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Your Story is Not About You – Content Pros Podcast Episode 2 with Ann Handley

Date posted: 9 February 2015   |   Posted in: Blog

Ann Handley - Content Pros PodcastAnn Handley is the Chief Content Officer for MarketingProfs, a company that offers real-world education for modern marketers through training, best practices, research, and content. She also wrote the book on how to create great marketing content with her bestseller, Everybody Writes.

For our second episode, we were graced by Ann Handley to chat about content marketing strategy, her new book, and how to get everyone in your organization to be a content creator. Two quotes from Ann stand out the most:

“Our words are our ambassadors. They’re carrying messages for us. So when I hear from marketers sometimes, ‘I’m not a writer’ or ‘I don’t write,’ I call BS on that, because I think we are all writers. We are all communicators and we’re all communicating.”

I love this. Every person in your company has a story (every customer does, too). What are you doing to help pull that story out and turn it into content?

“Your story is not about you; it’s what you do for others.”

Being customer focused is a requirement, not a choice. Every prospect wants to hear a story about someone just like them who solved a problem they have. If you can be the one to provide that resource, there is a great chance you can build a relationship with that prospect because you are catering to their needs and not your needs.

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