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Are you going mobile?

Date posted: 18 March 2016   |   Posted in: Business Advice Articles

Yes, it sounds obvious to most of us in 2016 but is your business truly ready for a global shift to smart phones and smart devices? Are you missing the trick in one of the biggest business shifts of our generation?

Let’s recap…

2007 – The Apple iPhone is released, revolutionising the way we connect and interact with the world. Only 9 years later 70% of people in the UK own a smartphone. 90% of those under 24 own a smartphone. The smartphone has now overtaken the desktop as the number 1 way to browse on-line. We book flights, shop, bank, watch TV, listen to music, date, socialise, entertain and learn with our smartphones.

Next time you’re stuck in traffic, take a quick look at the car next to you. If there’s more than 1 person in the car, the non-drivers will have there head stuck in there smart phone or tablet. (And in some cases, so will the Driver!)

So, how do we ready our businesses for mobile and smart technology?

1. As a minimum – check out your business website with Google’s mobile friendly test – If it fails this basic test this means at least 50% of visitors are having a bad experience on your website and you need to get a professional involved to fix this right away.

2. Do some of your own testing. Take some time-out and search for your business on your iPhone or smart phone. What sort of results are you getting in Google? How do you feature against your competition? Are you happy with the words, links and references to your business. Remember – results on a smart phone can be completely different from a desktop. Look at your own website, is it “touch friendly” – do images and text look good? Unhappy with the results – Engage with a professional web team to boost your on-line presence for mobile.

3. Get social. Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and WhatsApp are on the phones of your customers, suppliers and employees. Are you? On the internet, usage between mobile and desktop is roughly 50:50. On the apps above its more like 80:20 for mobile devices. How does your business branding look on these apps? Do you have a company overview video on Youtube? Are you advertising in Facebook? YouTube? Do you have an Instagram gallery of your products in action?

4. Check the email marketing you send. Is it responsive? Does it display well on mobile devices?

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