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The 1 Marketing thing I would do this year

Date posted: 24 April 2017   |   Posted in: Email Marketing

To do: “A welcome and educational email series” This relates to new customers. Sure, lots of e-commerce systems send them an order confirmation email, delivery confirmation email and so on. But hold on. This is a NEW CUSTOMER ….. they should be treated like the best friend you’ve ever had! …. for as long as […]

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Tips for designing emails to be compatible for Microsoft Outlook

Date posted: 1 February 2016   |   Posted in: Email Marketing

The first thing you need to understand when designing and coding for Outlook is that the usual rules do not apply. Forget all your best practices for CSS – go back to 2001 coding practices for an idea of where your head should be. Note that some of these things might work in Outlook, but […]

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Should you automate your Email Marketing?

Date posted: 30 January 2016   |   Posted in: Email Marketing

email marketing software low cost

The ability for marketers to contact customers at minimal costs with ever increasing frequency is very attractive. However, a recent spate of reports in the popular press about the volume of marketing material being sent to customers, reflects a growing feeling that people are being swamped. So although it is easy to mass mail using […]

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DasGoot Emailer Email Marketing Newsletter Software Launched

Date posted: 26 October 2015   |   Posted in: Email Marketing

email marketing software low cost

We are proud to announce the launch of DasGoot Emailer™. In keeping with our philosophy, this is enterprise grade email marketing software at a fabulously low cost. We’ve calculated that UK businesses should save around 75% compared to the cost of other email marketing service providers. DasGoot, isn’t it. We hope your business can benefit.

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Video: The Contender Takes the Marketing Title

Date posted: 28 May 2015   |   Posted in: Email Marketing

Producing video is a pain. You’re busy. Really busy. How can you cram a difficult, time-consuming, and expensive process like video production into your daily grind? Read the full article at MarketingProfs Source: Marketing Profs

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