Email Marketing Software Price Comparison Chart

Compare our prices with our competitors

Save just under 75% by using the DasGoot Emailer™ Service

We’ve put together a price comparison chart, comparing the cost of our service with 10 other leading providers based on a list size of up to 10,000 subscribers. The results speak for themselves. DasGoot, isn’t it.





 Compare Bulk Email Prices £15.00 Unlimited £43.87 or 74.5%*!
Aweber £44.85 Unlimited
Mailchimp £48.75 Unlimited
iContact £50.99 Unknown
Campaign Monitor £96.85 Unlimited
MyEmma £57.85 Unlimited
NewZapp £90.00 Unlimited
GetResponse £42.25 Unknown
Benchmark £48.07 Unlimited
ConstantContact £55.00 Unlimited
Vertical Response £53.95 Unlimited

Correct as of Nov 2015. Prices in USD converted to GBP using 0.65 exchange rate. Correct as of publishing. Based on up to 10,000 subscribers, pay monthly plans. Other providers are available. This only represents our view of the main providers out there.

*Saving is based on the average monthly price of the other companies listed here.

To keep our service exceptional for all users, it is only available to UK companies who have been registered for 2 years or more and is subject to a reasonable fair use policy.

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