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The 1 Marketing thing I would do this year

Date posted: 11 January 2018   |   Posted in: Email Marketing

To do: “A welcome and educational email series”

This relates to new customers. Sure, lots of e-commerce systems send them an order confirmation email, delivery confirmation email and so on. But hold on. This is a NEW CUSTOMER ….. they should be treated like the best friend you’ve ever had! …. for as long as they’re willing to be your ‘friend’!

The first time I put in an automated email series system – back in 2001 – I literally could not believe the results.

A few stat’s

Did you know that 74.4% of consumers expect a welcome email? Plus, subscribers who receive a welcome email show, on average, 33% more long-term engagement with that company. Finally, welcome emails generate 4x the open rates and 5x the click rates compared to other bulk promotions!

Here’s the nail in the coffin:

Welcome emails can see more than three times the transactions and revenue per email over regular promotional emails.

Pretty cool, right?

What’s an ’email series’?

Put simply it’s a series of emails from day 1 of a new customer to, well, whenever in the future. I used to set up 2 years worth initially. You set up the whole communication chain in advance and every time a new customer is added to the list, they also join the series.

This becomes your automated sales genius.

You don’t sell in these emails!

The job of a ‘welcome and educational email series’ is to do just that. You can send separate “50% off everything” type promotional emails when appropriate.

Here – I think the best way to think of it – you want to become your customer’s friend. You want to welcome them and then gradually help them out with lots of useful information as well as explaining a little more about yourself – just like you would a real potential friend.

Selling happens automatically – if you’ve done a good job – because they’re now your friend.

What sort of emails would you send?

Here we go again – just imagine you’ve made a new friend. A new potential pal has joined your group of mates who meet up once a month down the pub. What kind of things would you tell them about your company/work over the next 24 months?

You certainly wouldn’t take a suitcase each time and try and flog them something, would you!?

You might tell them about your new building, a new bit of tech’ in your industry that’s amazing, a funny anecdote about one of the staff, a great team building day you went on, etc.

And of course – unlike down the pub – every email you send wants to have the hidden agenda simply of winning a new friend and gaining their trust. That way, they’ll see you as human, approachable, normal and above all ……. “great people to do business with”. Job done.

Resources / How can you get going?

If you’re going to do this, you have to be prepared for a quite a bit of ground work (or to delegate it anyway!).

Writing the emails. Depends on your business really but generally you’d start with 24 emails, once a month. You may well send a bit more frequently at the beginning perhaps after 1 week checking everything went OK for example.

The Email Marketing software. Well, here’s our plug. DasGoot’s Email Marketing Software has all the autoresponder tools (that’s the technical name for it) in to get the job done (as well as all the other usual tools). We’ve priced it to be around 75% lower than the average of our main competitors, so not bad right!

Other software providers are available 🙂

Resource. Probably the best article I have ever seen on how to write emails. If you’ve got this far then I’d urge another 10 minutes of reading.


Do a quick calculation. If you trebled repeat business from all the new customers you got this year, would that be good!?

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