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QuickTip2: Are you paying too much for your Email Marketing?

Date posted: 23 January 2018   |   Posted in: Email Marketing

The answer, in 96% of cases, is a resounding yes!

The majority of people simply click on the top results in Google (usually the paid for ones) and then sign up with the site that has the flashiest design – or even perhaps a monkey as a motto!

This is what the masses do. If you want to be different and a lot smarter then don’t follow the crowd.

In some cases, Email Marketing companies’ spend on Google Ads is in the $millions – yes $millions!! (Google don’t make all that money by accident).

So – who is paying for that? Well, the people who sign up to the companies who use Google Ads have to pay for that somehow and you can probably guess who.

DasGoot don’t waste money like this. We control our costs. Any money we do spend is purely in pursuit of the best possible service for our customers.

Hence we win things like best value overall Email Marketing provider.

There’s nothing wrong with a happy monkey, just make sure you’re not one of the masses who pay for his big, cheeky smile 🙂


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