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Should you automate your Email Marketing?

Date posted: 30 January 2016   |   Posted in: Email Marketing

The ability for marketers to contact customers at minimal costs with ever increasing frequency is very attractive. However, a recent spate of reports in the popular press about the volume of marketing material being sent to customers, reflects a growing feeling that people are being swamped. So although it is easy to mass mail using digital technology, that is not the right approach and in fact is more likely to earn a high level of ‘unsubscribes’ than help to build long and deep customer relationships.

The days of ‘batch and blast’ should by now have been consigned to history, because the ability exists for businesses to build and maintain both customer intimacy and customer loyalty through careful analysis and targeting of messages and incentives to reach the consumer at a timely point that matches where they are in their personal buying cycle. Yet despite the technological developments, and their ability to dramatically improve ROI and customer intimacy, just 15% of email marketers have taken up automation as a primary marketing tool.

In the last five years, we have seen email marketing become the primary form of customer engagement for the majority of brands. And when used across multiple channels, such as SMS, it becomes possible to target consumers with relevant and timely communications that become ubiquitous without being intrusive.

At the root of this new way of marketing lies data. Successful email marketing automation is impossible without a good understanding not just of what data to collect, but also how to manage, collate and update customer information to ensure that every possible source of insight is being captured and used effectively

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