DasGoot Emailer Knowledgebase

Adding Google Analytics code to email campaigns

DasGoot Emailer does have its own link tracking system but if you use Google Analytics on your web site we would advise using Google Analytics link tracking code instead. That way you’ll not only be able to see how many clicks you got but also what they did on the website after.

If you have ecommerce tracking in your Google Analytics installation you’ll also be able to see how much money you made from each email campaign.

IMPORTANT: If you use Google Analytics link tracking we would STRONGLY recommend not using the system’s in built link tracking as well. Switch Url tracking to NO when setting up your campaign.

How to use it

  • Do this only after you have finished your template design.
  • On the templates stage of setting up your campaign you’ll see a button at the bottom right of the editor window called Google UTM Tags. Click this to open the window.
  • Now put the pattern in the Insert your pattern box – the example provided is utm_source=mail_from_[CURRENT_DATE]&utm_medium=cpc&utm_term=[EMAIL]&utm_campaign=[CAMPAIGN_NAME] which will be fine for most campaigns. The [TAGS] in the square brackets automatically insert data relevant to that campaign so you’ll be able to tell in Google Analytics which visitors came from which campaigns.
  • Click Parse links and set pattern.
  • The pattern you have entered will now be added to the end of all links in your email.


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