DasGoot Emailer Knowledgebase

Easy Creation of Email Templates and Uploading

The Editor in DasGoot Emailer is a very powerful tool. But, we understand it can be a bit ‘techie’ for some users not used to creating email templates.

So, here’s a great tool to use – a totally free drag and drop email template creator (no sign up required, phew!). We’ve fully tested it and it’s great. (Update: another good free tool is

After you’ve created your email, you can download it as a .ZIP file.

To upload in to DasGoot Emailer;

  • Go to Templates > My Templates
  • Click Upload Template – top right
  • Choose the .ZIP file and click Upload Archive
  • Voila, everything is imported from your email including the images which (will be added to your library) so you can make final adjustments
  • Remember to add in/amend footer details [TAGS] (at least the required [COMPANY_FULL_ADDRESS] & [UNSUBSCRIBE_URL])
  • Click Save Changes button – bottom right – and your template will be save in your My Templates area

Note on uploading Email Templates

The system recognises .ZIP files only. The format should always be “anydocument.html” in the root of the .ZIP archive with images in a “/images” folder.

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