DasGoot Emailer Knowledgebase

Importing Subscribers

How to import subscribers to a list.


When lists are created they have 3 default fields – Email, First name [FNAME] & Last name [LNAME]. So here’s an example of a CSV file using just the default fields;

Email,"First name","Last name",John,Doe,Jane,Doe,Joe,Doe,Jen,Doe

Note: The ” ” around the field names and the spelling of these. Email must be the first field on all imports

If you want to import additional data – which is a good idea because then you can segment lists and use any additional data to personalise emails – then simply add it to the CSV file. Here, for example we want to add company name & age so we can personalise the subject line with the company name and segment the list based on age.

Email,"First name","Last name","Age","Company name",John,Doe,25,ABC Co,Jane,Doe,22,VBT Co,Joe,Doe,12,BGT Co,Jen,Doe,15,NJU Co

When you import CSV files with additional fields & data, the additional fields will automatically be created for you and you’ll be able to use that data in your emails as a [TAG].


View all lists on your system –

Next, click the little i (overview) icon next to the list you want to upload to.

Then click the Tools box and next the Import box.

Simply upload the CSV file you have created. The system will give feedback on success and/or any errors.


The system wide (applies to all accounts) Blacklist blocks importing email addresses if they have been hard bounced (i.e. no longer exist) or if they have registered on the global anti spam systems (think mail preference here). These are emails you definitely wouldn’t want to mail anyway so will not be imported. Again, the system will report on these for you so you know.

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