DasGoot Emailer Knowledgebase

Using [TAGS] in email templates

Tags are used to insert merge information into emails when sending such as name, company, unsubscribe link and so on.

You can insert them as text or in the HTML source code. They are formatted with square brackets, e.g. [TAG_NAME].

You can view the list of custom fields in a list and their respective tag names in the list tools area.

The 2 tags you must use to be compliant are;

    This is your company’s detailed as defined when the list was set up.
    This will put in an unsubscribe link as a full http:// address.
    You can also use this tag in the HTML source code such as – <a href=”[UNSUBSCRIBE_URL]”>Click Here to Unsubscribe</a>

List of the main system TAGS



If you import custom fields in to your list such as company name, age, etc. you will also be able to use these fields in the subject or body of your email.

When creating your email (when setting up the campaign) or when you select a template at that stage you will see an “Available Tags” link in the top left of the editor window which will show you TAGS available for the list/campaign you’re sending.

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