DasGoot Emailer Knowledgebase

Using Templates

Templates > Templates menu

The first time you login in, you will not have any templates in the ‘My Templates’ area. You can do one of three things – create your own template, upload your own template either created by another application or downloaded or import it from the provided ‘Gallery.’


On first use, this area is blank. It will require creating or uploading a template. This does require a bit of html knowledge which we won’t go into here. There are a number of html tutorials available online and one very popular recommended one is at As noted above, the editor used within the application is called CKeditor and documentation and tutorials can be read at For more details on modifying a template, see the Template Modification Tutorial Addendum at the end of this manual.


The Templates > Gallery link takes you to ready-made templates for you to import and use. These templates, once imported, can be modified for your custom use.

To import a template into ‘My Templates’, click on the menu Templates > Gallery and choose one to import by clicking on the button titled ‘Import into my templates’ below the template you choose. The chosen template will then show in ‘My Templates.’ You may choose some of the templates or all of them.

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