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Date posted: 2 December 2011   |   Posted in: Marketing Research

Wiese Article in Quirk’s on North Liberty Mail Survey


Throughout my career, I have campaigned with my mantra that connecting audiences and companies is much simpler IF we fully understand those who concern, and affect, our futures.

Professionally conducted marketing research is the tool that can:
*identify and fine-tune appropriate strategic growth initiatives,
*weed through appropriate advertising and positioning messages or
*clarify the prioritization of issues to address. Such is the case with a recent client I serviced.

In fact, the results of that research were so impressive, I was asked to publish an article describing the entire effort. I have attached a link above to that article as it appeared in Quirk’s Marketing Research Review. I think it’s a great case history illustrating how clients and I work together, illuminating a bit on how I think and certainly revealing some of my attitudes on how I approach client needs. All of this fits nicely into my tagline: Finding the Practical Truth For My clients That Adds to Their Success.

I thank you for your interest and your past business. If you have strategic or creative issues to identify to help you light up your future, please feel free to contact me.

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