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Date posted: 5 January 2015   |   Posted in:

DasGoot – Online Internet Marketing Services in UK that Work

Not sure whether your website is able to attract and engage your target audience? Dissatisfied with the way your business is performing?

Perhaps, it needs a magical tweak!

DasGoot is a leading Internet Marketing company, committed to improve online visibility and increase lead generation and sales by delivering high-quality, relevant web traffic through effective online Internet marketing in UK.

In today’s competitive business environment, online marketing has become more important than ever. Effective and comprehensive Internet Marketing is the key to promote visibility and awareness of your business, improve lead generation, and increase sales.

Our Services

At DasGoot, we offer comprehensive online Internet marketing services in UK that include –

• Video marketing
• Website structure and optimisation
• Web content development
• Domain name authority
Email marketing
• Social media marketing
• Developing Meta data and Alt tag
• Blogs and forums
• Pay-per-Click management
• Search Engine Optimisation
• Infographics
• E-commerce development

We believe “one size fits all” doesn’t work when it comes to effective Internet marketing and business promotion. As such, we offer tailored Internet marketing services that meet unique needs of our clients.

If you want to make your business a success, embrace Internet marketing today. Contact us today at for online marketing services that deliver results.

How good is your Internet Marketing?

It should be amazing. Internet Marketing can make or break a business.

People at DasGoot understand Internet Marketing on a forensic level because everyone involved has built and sold businesses. And without exception, Internet Marketing has been pivotal to the success of each business.

Do we ‘do SEO’?

Possibly the most misunderstood term in Internet Marketing is ‘SEO’ (search engine optimisation). There are literally thousands of companies who ‘sell SEO’ out there for £49.99 a month (or similar crazy prices!). This is not Internet Marketing.

So what is Internet Marketing?

Possibly a good analogy is the building of a house. If you imagine all the things involved in that process to arrive at a finished house – architects, builders, plumbers, planning, decorating, furnishing etc etc – it’s the same sort of complex picture to arrived at a powerful, well respected and popular web presence.

To give a flavour of the sorts of disciplines involved, the following are some of the key aspects of Internet Marketing;

  • Domain name authority
  • Site text content and placement
  • Site structure
  • Video marketing
  • Meta data
  • Regular, fresh content
  • Social media
  • 3rd party articles
  • Infographics
  • Email marketing
  • Forums
  • Blog

… to name but a few.

Do we ‘do packages’?

To offer a ‘package’ – as so many companies do – is to fundamentally misunderstand Internet Marketing.

As with the analogy of building a house – each business and their Internet Marketing needs (as with a house) is unique and specific to that business and marketplace – there is no ‘one size fits all’ (if you want to be successful, that is).

Let’s talk

If you’re serious about Internet Marketing and want to find out how to do it properly then drop us some information on your business and web site/s along with traffic information if possible and what your aims are.

We will review the information at our weekly meetings and then get back to you with an outline plan.

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