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Date posted: 6 October 2015   |   Posted in:


A comprehensive, regularly updated blog is a must for any business who wishes to shine on the Internet.

From SEO to leads and conversion, a well written blog will make your business stand out from the crowd – if it’s professional and regularly refreshed.

It may seem a pretty easy thing to do. In essence, it is. But, there are huge benefits in using a professional blog writing service such as ours (see 19 reasons why).

Professional Blog Writers

DasGoot’s writers are not just competent and literate but also understand all the little nuances of internet marketing. This means each article is written with SEO, linking, leads & conversions in mind. Each article should be a ‘masterpiece’ where possible so that it pays dividends for years to come.

Blogs Produce Business

Incredibly well researched and professionally written blog articles have the potential to generate significant amounts of web traffic to your site and more importantly the ‘right’ type of traffic who are currently interested (i.e. have searched for) the services you offer. Combine this with excellent content that shows your company knows what it’s doing and voila, you’re in with a stellar chance of getting that lead!

If you want to build credibility and trust, promote services or products, while also creating a buzz for your brand, there is no better way.

Professional Blog Writing Service

Unfortunately, maintaining a blog can be difficult. Blogs require a constant source of ideas, lots of time and blog writing know-how. That’s where we come in. DasGoot is a UK blogging agency. Our SEO blog writing services will take these difficult tasks off your to-do list, helping you take advantage of the amazing benefits of blogging without the workload.

Blog Writing Costs

As each customer’s requirements differ, so do costs. As an example though, our smallest client pays us £50 a month and our largest client over £2,500 per month!

Why not contact us, give us a rough outline of your business and topic areas and we’ll do some research for you (all for free) and get back to you with some cost options. We often include some initial ideas and strategies for free too.

Sound good? DasGoot, isn’t it!

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