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How to Find New B2B Customers for Your Business

Date posted: 9 March 2015   |   Posted in: Business Advice Articles

How to get more customers

Table of Contents 1. How to Develop New Accounts 2. How to Specify Your Potential Customers 3. How Many New Customers You Need? 4. Which Are the Most Likely Candidates 5. Your Competitors as a Source for New Customers 6. The Profit Evaluation 1. How to Develop New Accounts The problem of developing new accounts […]

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Six ways a small business can get new customers

Date posted: 4 March 2015   |   Posted in: Blog, Business Advice Articles

How to get more customers

Does social media work for you? The seemingly omnipresent rise of Facebook and Twitter means social media is being heralded as the silver bullet for building business. They’re effective channels, but the performance will depend on your businesses offering. Both sites have made major innovations over the past two years to help small businesses, with […]

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