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Tips for designing emails to be compatible for Microsoft Outlook

Date posted: 1 February 2016   |   Posted in: Email Marketing

The first thing you need to understand when designing and coding for Outlook is that the usual rules do not apply. Forget all your best practices for CSS – go back to 2001 coding practices for an idea of where your head should be. Note that some of these things might work in Outlook, but […]

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5 Principles of Angel Investment You Need to Know

Date posted: 13 January 2015   |   Posted in: Blog

angel investor tips

If your startup is looking for an Angel investor, does it makes sense to present your plan to flocks of Angels, and assume that at least one will swoop down and scoop you up? In reality, hitting large numbers of Angels in multiple locations with a generic pitch is one of the least productive approaches. […]

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